About Craig

Born and raised in Southern California, Craig has traveled the world over, perfecting his designs.

Hollingsworth started his surfing career in Santa Monica, surfing at Bay St. and P.O.P. Pier. In 1969 he started his craft building plywood paipo boards and foam knee boards at the young age of 13. He was a member of the Los Angeles County Champion Surf Team at Santa Monica High School with fellow teammate, Tony Alva. He is also a member of the “Dog Town” Hall of Fame.

CRAIG H.2Craig moved to Del Mar, CA in the summer of 1973 and started “C. Hollingsworth Surfboards.” In the late winter of 1974, he was
hired to shape for “Nectar Surfboards” alongside owner/shaper, Gary MacNabb. Together they shaped thousands of single and twin fin designs.

In 1980 Simon Anderson came to “Nectar” from Australia with his revolutionary “3-Fin Thruster” design. The first Thruster ever shaped in the United States was in Craig’s shaping room for Craig’s brother, Dean. Hollingsworth started working with Anderson and MacNabb perfecting Simon’s “3-Fin Thruster” surfboard.

Hollingsworth opened “Surf World Surf Shop” in Leucadia, Ca. At this time he was calling his boards, “Dartboards.” He shaped under that label until the early 1990’s, and then changed to “Craig Hollingsworth Surfboards.”

In 1997 Craig Hollingsworth was contacted to build “Surf Diva” and “Lightning Bolt” surfboards, under separate licensing agreements. He has built “Surf Diva” surfboards (the first women’s only surfboard line) into the leading brand that it is today. “Surf Diva” surfboards are designed especially for women; these brightly colored boards have been the “Hallmark” of all women’s surfboard lines.

Growing up as a young shaper in the “Lightning Bolt” era, Craig has used his experience in retro and long board designs to resurrect the famous “Lightning Bolt” label.

Hollingsworth has shaped thousands of boards in his career, ranging from short boards to long boards. He incorporates his vast knowledge of the ocean and water flow into his shape designs. With his hands-on approach to testing surfboards performance, Hollingsworth is one of the most versatile shapers in the world today.